Window Cleaning and Solar

What you can expect from us

You trust us to enter your home or office, and maintaining that trust is very important to us!  Upon entering your home our employees always wear shoe covers and carry a drop cloth to protect against unwanted drips. Included in every window cleaning is a free window assessment. We will notify you of any imperfections we find. Many times we have helped our customers get covered under the manufacturers warranty.  Did I mention WE CLEAN TRACKS!? You'd be surprised how many companies don't do this simple task. It's included in our service. This leaves us to the outside of your home/office where we clean the window frame, glass, and screen.  Any cobwebs that are near your windows we remove as well.  Our intention is to leave your windows looking their best!  We charge $10 per window up to 20 windows(then just $5 each additional) for our inside/outside service, and $145 up to 25 windows($3 each additional) for our exterior window and screen service.  Construction Clean up Requires An Additional Charge.   We also service smaller jobs with a minimum of $99.   Discounts available for seniors, military, and for combining services!  See photo gallery below for info on how we count windows and come up with your own price!

Our solar panel cleaning service consists of a couple methods. The most common is the brush and flush with our deionized pure water filtration system.  Then of course sometimes we just do it the old fashioned way with a little bit of elbow grease. The end result provides your panels with their max efficiency saving you more money!  We typically charge between $4 - $5  a panel depending on the total number there are.

Preparing for our service

While we certainly don't expect much more than you providing us with dirty windows to clean there may be a few ways to help ensure a smooth and successful outcome.  For instance on the interior of your home clearing away any  items that are blocking access to windows. We are happy to move many things and replace them. However extremely heavy, fragile, valuable, or stacked items we may not risk moving. With that said we rarely find windows we cant find a way to clean.  Often we will just clean the exterior windows and screens of a home which doesn't require a customer present.  This may require you to unlock any gates on the property prior to service as well as close any open windows. In the end we always find a way to get the job done right! Looking forward to working with you!

Screen Repair

Our other signature service

From a simple mesh replacement to building a complete custom screen we have you covered! New mesh starts at $10 and up to 30 for a standard size sliding door.  building new screens from scratch(frame,spline, corners,etc..) starts at $25 and up depending on size