Pressure Washing


Cold Water High Pressure Rinse

Let us help you get your home looking it's best! Our house rinse starts with cobweb removal to loosen up those unwanted webs. A pretreat with degreaser of any heavily soiled areas follows.  Next we rinse your home from the top down and finish with a rinse of the hardscapes. Prices are calculated by square footage.  Also if your roof top needs attention we can start there, remove the stains from your tiles, and do a thorough gutter and downspout cleaning. 

Hot Water High Pressure Rinse

Shine Diego also offers hot water pressure washing!  We can heat the water up to 250 degrees(well above the boiling point of 212) which is very effective in removing oil stains, grease, and even paint.  We have different detergents that help loosen up these stains prior to treatment for the best guaranteed result.  Call today for your free estimate!

We are a green company that believes in protecting the environment, and always reclaim water runoff to prevent it from entering the storm drain